Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We are so excited. Anton is gooing to start working full-time on the 23rd, which means we can finally house shop, and Isie can finally look for a puppy. Yeah! I swear the apartment walls are closing in everyday. I'm excited to finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Spicer said...

Thanks Sydney. I didn't know you were on here. I'm glad you commented, now we can keep in touch. We really should get together this summer. So your looking for a house now? Thats so exciting. I know what you mean about the apartment walls closing in!

K'Lyn said...

How exciting!! I forgot how close our girls are in age. We need to get together!

Cami Jo said...

Congrats Anton! How nice to finally be done with Apartments! (Almost!)

Hey- how do you do the "Blog to go" thing. Does it just tell you what the last post was, of your friends blogs? Teach me. I want to do that on mine. That would save some time, I think.

JJWakeFam said...

Congrats Anton! How bout you start working for Jess so he can spend more time at home! I like the thought of that. You should house shop in our ward! Isie should come swimming in our swimming pool too.

Erica Bazil said...

I'm glad you're on here, now maybe we can keep in touch this way. You're blog is very cute.
I'm sure you're so excited to move on - congrats on everything Anton. Good luck with the house and puppy shopping - how fun!

Lana Knapp said...

Yo Anton
Dude, I remember taking Anatomy and Phys with you and Jessie, and I remember Mike Tyson's Punch Out! :) I'm glad (like you are probably too) that those days are over!