Monday, November 30, 2009

Is Anyone Else?

Feeling STRESSED? Does anyone else feel the pressure of the holidays? I wish Christmas wasn't so much about gifts as giving.
It often seems that with each dollar spent Christmas dissolves a little. What happened to it? It's so commercialized now. Every year is worse. This year it started before Halloween. I remember when they just used to skip over Thanksgiving.
Does anyone have any ideas as to how to bring the Spirit back into it?


Cami Jo said...

No, but I wish I did. I feel the same way! I wasn't even in the Chrsitmas spirit this year when I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I wonder if cutting back on gifts wouldn't help? This year I'm trying to give more gifts from the heart. More gifts that take some thought instead of just buying them all from the store. Maybe this will help? I hope.

Erica Bazil said...

I definitely agree with you. It's really too bad. But if it will help, I've heard of a couple ideas: each child gets only three (very meaningful) gifts as representation of the three meaningful gifts the Savior received at his birth - why should any of us receive more than He did? I thought that was a good idea I might have to start in the family. Another was: during your first FHE of December discuss the gift you want to give the Savior at Christmas (like a goal or something for the following year that might bring you closer in your relationship with Him, etc.) and each family member writes that "gift" down and puts in a special box or package under the tree, as the first gift placed under the tree. Then open and read them before opening any other gifts on Christmas morning.

When I come across a good tradition or thought I usually stuff them in my filing cabinet and I'll bet I could find others I've stored away if you want me to. Now I just have to start using these great ideas!

BTW I love the family picture and the picture to the right of little Emelia. Beautiful - they both are! And you cut your hair shorter - so cute!