Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adam Fell

How come Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy, but women have to fix their hair?
I hate my hair!
I chopped it off because I knew I would be forced to fix it instead of pulling it back every day in a ponytail, but why? WHY? WHY! Why can't I just have a ponytail Every.Single.Day? Who was it that decided that women have to do hair, put on makeup, and wear nylons? (A man I'm sure.)
Nylons! Anton will never understand the joy that comes when pulling off a pair of nylons the moment church is over. When my belly bulge is finally freed from is nylon cage and can once again spill freely over the elastic band at the top of my undergarments.
For centuries women have been deliberately inflicting themselves with pain for beauty -- on. a. daily. basis! And I would just really appreciate it someone would explain to me why.

obviously, I don't do well with bad hair days.


Matt and Melissa said...

Ha Ha Ha, I feel the same way! Good luck to you!

Hill Fam said...

Your blog reminded me of our college days where we had a goal to get ready in the morning. Someone put up that quote from Brigham Young about even an old barn looking better with a new coat of paint to inspire us to put in the effort. But seriously, I often don't know why either. I hope you're having a better hair day today. Miss you!.

Erica Bazil said...

So funny - and I completely agree. I absolutely hate nylons - they can be so itchy too. Hope you have better luck with your hair in the future. I think it's adorable if that helps out the situation at all!

EAV said...

Oh the joys! When you wrote about the feeling of taking nylons off I knew exactly what you were talking about. I love that and hate nylons. Although, the other day I was just wishing for a nylon suit that could just hold me in all over. I was watching the shopping channel and Dr. 90210 (He is the Sunbeams teacher in our ward, by the way) was selling this suit that held your whole body in except your chest so it would just kind of spill out there. I would hate it but I want it. Send me your address

Cami Jo said...

SO TRUE!!!!! We do it to ourselves, but it's pathetic.

I got your message the other day, and thankyou so much for the offer. I think we'll be taking off on Saturday the 18th, I think. I may take you up on the help. But...I think we should get the kids together and play sometime first. Carson misses Isie. And I'm dying to see your little one again! I'll call you in the next couple of days!

K'Lyn said...

I always ask my sister if I should cut my hair and she almost shouts "NO! you know you will hate it. You always do. You need to be able to pull your hair up and out of the way when you want to". I am daily so glad I listen and that she reminds me. She does have shorter hair though and can cope. One more thing I need to learn.
One thing I think about is that the pioneers always wore a bun or braid and and apron because they worked hard everyday. People only wore their nicest clothes and got dolled up when they went to town (once a week max I am sure:)) or to a fancy dance. That seems more practical to me than getting up an hour early or getting less done each day to fix your hair just so it can get pulled and snarled from being flipped out of the way of our 'to dos'.
Okay - that was a long vent. In short. I totally agree! Our expectations and others expectations sometimes too are not the most practical.