Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Oh! Cooper The Dog.
You follow me here.
You lay like a log.
You jump like a deer.
You eat like a hog.
And cardboard you fear.
Your slobber does sog.
It on me you smear.
You smell like a bog.
And you're always near.
Your farts are a fog.
But we still love you dear.


Hill Fam said...

What a cute dog! I wish Brandon would let us get a dog... okay I'm allergic--but he has such a cute face!

Jeigh said...

Funny! I like that he's afraid of cardboard. We had a big dog, and he was afraid of kittens.

Jess and Jen said...

I hear Cooper is back in the house! He sounds like a good dog. Way cute pic of Emelia smiling on your blog by the way!

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

I DO remember you! HI! How great that you found me! And wholly cow! You're family is beautiful! Thanks so much for adding my button!
So where are you guys now? What is life in general at the Nelson's house? You can find a link to my family blog on my Cuegly blog. And I actually WAS an enrichment leader for awhile, but now in Young Womens! Great to catch up!