Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

Anton made us a loving breakfast (can you tell he just got home from his graveyard shift? true love, its' gotta be)
Isie hugged her homemade pillow
Emie tasted everything, especially her card
I hid from the camera cause I looked scary, but my breakfast was beautiful


Hill Family said...

What a sweet husband! Glad you had such a nice Valentines day

Kunz Clan said...

We had pink pancakes, too! But my husband didn't make ours and they weren't heart shaped. We did enjoy them though and it made the holiday fun. The video below is adorable. Nothing like hearing little ones laugh. They are so precious! Such a sweet family you've got.

Matt and Melissa said...

What a nice husband! We had the same except it was me cookin'. Your little girls are so precious! I also really like your new background.

ashlee said...

Sweet man. That video of Emie is so cute. I feel like I should have met her in order to shorten her name so you should come and see me and I want to see your cute short hair :-)

Cami Jo said...

How sweet. They looked kind of like sugar cookies. Cookies are fine for breakfast too, right? Your little baby is growing so big! She's adorable.