Sunday, April 24, 2011

Isie the 7 Year Old!

I thought I would try my hand at blogging via the glorious iPhone.

Isie turned 7 April 21st. She is such a big girl! We went to Lava to swim and Sizzler to eat. Unfortunately, Syd missed out on Lava because Emie had a cold.

Here's some pics:

The birthday girl and her custom made Ladybug cake.

Isie and Cachet enjoying the warm Lava water.

Isie & her friend Cachet. Isie begged to have Cachet come celebrate Isie's B-day for weeks. We were so happy she could come. They had a ball swimming.

The Lady Bug Rice Crispy cake. Also a very fun Syd creation.

Awesome B-day decor courtesy of Syd.

Birthday girl with presents

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Lana Knapp said...

Your girls are so cute and getting big. It looks like Isie had a great birthday.

The Henderson Family said...

Wow, Isie is about my son Conner's age. He'll be 7 in December. It looked like she had a fun birthday. I especially loved the Ladybug rice crispy cake. :)

Lainey said...

I was so sad I missed the big party. I can't believe how big Isie is getting! Syd is so talented, and I love looking at these pictures. Hopefully I'll see you guys soon so I can give Isie her special [belated] birthday present. Love you!

Erica Bazil said...

Can't believe Isie is 7! Where is the time going right!? We just went swimming in Lava with family last weekend over Easter - we just love that place :)! So glad she had a great time! It's fun to see updates and pictures of you guys!