Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trying to Fill Isie's Shoes

You've never seen a kid love her big sister more than Emie loves Isie. They are so cute. The first time Emie said "Wee Woo" (I love you) was to Isie...and the second and third. She will only talk to Isie on the phone. Every day she wait by the window for Isie to come home from school and squeal with excitement. And some days, when she was really impatient she would say, "Bus, Bus, Isie, Isie" and just want to go get her.

And, of course, she misses her when she is gone.
So she wears her things. I swear it's only when Isie is gone. From shoes to panties.


Cami Jo said...

SO cute! She is getting so big. I bet it's nice now that they are probably playing together and stuff. Cute little bums!!!

Melonie Harris said...

Oh my heck that is soo cute!! I hope my girls are like that too!

amber-girl said...

That is the sweestest thing I have ever heard!!! Your daughters are so so so beautiful!!!!!!!

Erica Bazil said...

How darn sweet are they!? Sometimes I wish for a little more love like that between our kids - it's definitely a love/hate relationship on most days over here :). Yet they are stuck to eachother like glue and wouldn't know what to do without one another. Oooo you're girls are just so darn cute!