Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Need for a Chainsaw

It's silly, but I wanted to document something we did this summer. The corner of our yard was just a big mound of dirt, weeds and rocks. This first picture is actually better that what we started with.

We pulled weeds, picked up rocks, leveled the ground, and put down weed block.

Then we got some prettier rocks and bark and tried to dress it up.

Then to our excitement, we inherited a little cabin
that our ward built for the Pioneer Day Parade. The girls love it. I need to make curtains and we are going to build a little mailbox and stuff. But it's pretty fun and looks like it was our intention all along.

Here's some of the building process.

Pride over a straight cut:

Elation that it is starting to look like something:

We were going to put this bench in the corner. We built it out of a dead tree we pulled out of our yard.
Anton left to go borrow a chain saw from a friend because ours died. By the time he got back, Isie and I had just used our muscles. Long story short, yes, I am as strong as a power tool.

I think it was the hair:


Melonie Harris said...

So Cute!! I love the cabin and way to go on the bench! looks awesome!

ashlee said...

That looks awesome! And I always knew you were as strong as a power tool.

Erica Bazil said...

You've done great on your projects! And you'll have to tell Anton congrats on his new calling - I'm sure he'll do wonderful. Loved the sneak peak at your family pictures too - I just can't get ove rhow cute your hair is!

Cami Jo said...

How cute!!! I love it! Also, tell Anton congrats on the new calling! That's terrific!