Thursday, January 26, 2012


I just wanted to tell my family and everyone thanks for the phone calls, well-wishes, cards, cookies and packages and for making my birthday so special. Isabelle made me something every day this whole month. Sometimes it was a picture, story, dance, treasure hunt, but it was something special every day till my birthday.
Anton and Isie got up early and decorated the house and got us breakfast at McDs.
Anton surprised me by taking a half a day off work and coming home. We went to lunch and got me a new coat. Then we test drove a car I want...some day. They spoiled me big time. Coat, earrings, wallet, socks, and iPhone. Big time. It was so fun.

Then we went swimming in the evening at Lava. Anton came prepared with candles and a lighter and bought some hostess so I could have a cake at the gas station on the way home. A whole day for me. We were all worn out. It was awesome. Thanks so much, guys, for being so thoughtful and making my birthday so special. Sure smoothed the loss of my youth. I love you more than anything.


Megan Heiner said...

Looks like you had an awesome birthday! I love the picture Isie drew for you hanging on your kitchen door ;) You sure have a family that loves you! I would have to say I have THE cutest nieces in the WHOLE WORLD!

Lori Harris said...

Happy 30th!! What a wonderful birthday you had with your awesome family.

amber-girl said...

What a FUN day!!! You might be 30, but you look far younger!! Serious!! Lava sounds so fun! Congrats on beginning a new decade of your life!

A decade is 10 years, right?? If knew what I meant!!

K'Lyn said...

I didn't even think to blog a birthday wish to you! I was thinking about you all day the 23rd and wanted to call you. Thank you so much for your note. It meant so much. We would love to have you come down and visit. I am so glad you had such a great day. Tell Anton way to go!