Monday, May 21, 2012

A.C. (Slater) Harris

I got the awesome opportunity to take some photos of my little brothers sweet family. Baby Aiden. He's the sweetest, most smiley little guy ever. Here's some pictures from a few weeks ago:

Then, yesterday, my brother blessed Aiden and we went to the park for lunch afterward. I grabbed some pictures when I finally remembered I'd brought my camera (I took pictures of my sister in-law's family too, but I'm not sure if they'd appreciate being on my blog, so that's why you don't see them except for a few in these first two):

 This is all of the great-grandparents on both sides! 

 Emie in her element:



My Dad pushing Emie (she is pretty serious about her swinging):

 This pictures baffles me. Does Anton know his sunglasses are on his shirt?

This is my mom's mom and my dad's dad: 

Cory, Katy, and Aiden: 

Macee and Kaden:

I love Isie's face:

My mom and Grandma:

Grandpa, Nic, and Macee:

 My baby sister, Meg (who will soon have a baby):

 Her husband, The Sterlinator:

Isie and Kace: 

Double time and a long-distance high five:

And the little man (with his aunt):

Can you see any family resemblance?


Megan Heiner said...

Oh my gosh syd you take beautiful pictures!! I can't wait to have my baby so you can take cute little family pictures! You are very very talented! I love the picture of Gma Harris and mom, that's a very good picture of Gma!

Leishman Family said...

Love the pics! He is a very handsome boy!