Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Triple Toilet Tissue Holder

We have a tiny bathroom. So I needed to find some space.
I got the idea for this t.p. holder from some stuff I saw on the internet (I forget where), but I "improved" it. I made it to hold three rolls instead of one and added some ribbon loops and shower curtain hooks to hold it onto the rod. That should make it easier to remove and wash. 

 Then I decided to make a matching rug. I had this little tiny two dollar white (not yellow as the picture above suggests) one that I purchased a while ago. It's really more teeny tiny than tiny. So, I sewed strips of the same material from the toilet paper holder around the edge. It fills the bathroom a little better and ties in with the t.p. holder. Yep. Pretty amazing.

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Matt and Melissa said...

Well look at you being so creative! I understand about finding space saving ideas. I live in a little house, and sometimes I have to be very creative too!