Monday, June 4, 2012

Syd's Refashion

My family left me alone with Psycho, uh I mean, Lucy this weekend:

They went to Park City with Anton's fam and I had some Sydney time. I watched "Monk" and caught up on some sewing projects I've had in pieces for a while (ignore my corny poses and the blur, my point and shoot didn't focus well. Could it have something to do with me dropping it on a hard floor? We may never know.):

This was simple. Long-sleeves to short and hole-y pants to hemmed shorts:

This top is in a picture a little lower. It was a large I made smaller and the pencil skirt came from a big flowy dress I cut in two. The hip dislocation was a bonus:

This is the top of the big flowy dress. I cut up the center of the front and sewed a bottom piece running the opposite pattern direction to lengthen what was left. Now a cardigan. And some more old pants cut and hemmed:

This is the before of some clothes in the following pics. The skirt below this picture came from a pink dress my mom gave me. So did the white shirt. And the pink lacy shirt got a hole right in the sternum region on the first day I wore it. I continued to wear it anyway, but finally decided it was time to change it:

So here is the skirt from dress that I cut short and narrowed:

And this is my new lace cardigan. I cut up the center of the front and sewed ribbon for edges and ties: 

When Isie was three or four she got this shirt for me for my birthday. She said she wanted to get me a green shirt with a butterflies on it. And she actually found one! Butterfly and all. Unfortunately, returning it for a larger size didn't help the skin-tightedness. But I wanted to keep it cause it was a birthday miracle. I finally added some extra material to the sides and I can get blood flow to my head when I wear it:

And lastly, some sweet espadrilles from my mom. They are nines and I wear 7 1/2 so I clipped the strap, cut out a little and sewed them back together with some buttons to hide the seam:
Obviously, Ive had some time on my hands. I keep feeling guilty about wasting time, then I remember that's what you do when you're home watching the dog. You waste time.
The end.


Lori Harris said...

Awesome! You are so talented!

amber-girl said...

Holy smokes!!! I am in awe! I remember years ago (at McKinley Manor) you talking about sewing Izzy a costume that turned out a mess! Obviously, you were much much better than you led us all to believe! After I have this baby, I am going to show up at your front door with a bunch of old clothes for you to help me transform! Where did you learn to do all of that????

Ps: you look amazing!

Matt and Melissa said...

I didn't know that you are so talented with the old sewing machine! Everything looks great! You are pretty amazing!

Leishman Family said...

Holy moly you have a serious talent! Those clothes looked so so good! You need to design stuff my dear and open a shop!!! I wish I had alone time... sigh...