Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have You Heard of Kilgore?

Did you know we went camping this summer with my big bro and his family?
To Kilgore. Very pretty. B.Y.O.T.P. kind of camping. Nice, though. Saves time AND keeps the bears away.

This is my brother, Ben and his awesome wife, Dani. (He's kind of awesome too, I guess.):

This cute girl is their youngest, Maddie Ray. She's not camera shy! 

This is Emie hollering for the kids to "come down from that tree":

This is them mocking her with laughs. Just kidding. I told them to smile:

This is Emie trying to climb up:

And this is Emie realizing she's still touching ground:

This is Gracie Kay, the second oldest, showing off her "tree climbing gloves":

And thinking hard:

This is the oldest grandkid, my nephew, Wyatt: 

And this is the chipmunk he shot with his sister's pink BB gun (he's a deadeye): 

We went for a walk:
(Isie protected us with her stick:)

And we played in some water:

And in some cow pies:

A little poop-flinging. A little pie-handprinting. Pretty fun stuff. Just grass and water, right?
We told them not to play in the dirt. I guess they were compromising: 

After a nice WetWipe scrub down, 
we four-wheeled and watched my brother fish and caught frogs.

Lucy also came along. This is what she color she was when we got there:

This is what she looked like about 5 minutes later (at least until she jumped in the creek and turned to mud):

It was so fun. The only thing I would change is that is was just one night. I could have stayed a week. Next time. 


Erica Bazil said...

What memories :)! I've about decided that if you're going to make the effort to go camping you've got to stay at least two or three nights - it's so much work for just one night right? It's great family time though - glad you were able to enjoy it!

Loved your "running through the sprinklers" pictures! They were beautiful and captured your girls perfectly - so sweet!

Cami Jo said...

Ah...remember when we went camping together? Good times. Your girls look so grown up. Loved catching up on your blog!