Monday, January 28, 2013

We're Selling!

Home For Sale!

We are going to try to move a little closer to Anton's work so we don't have to worry about him driving so much. So we are putting our cute, little house up for sale! 

If you know anyone who is interested, please direct them to the blog I set up for the house! More pics and info! It's Cause it's white. And on Emerald.

We've done tons to it in the last 4 years.

 Of course now that we pretty much have it the way we want it, we will be leaving it.

It's got three bedrooms, one bath. A two-car garage, shed and dog run. Has a nice fenced yard with a mature apple and mature plum tree. It's a corner lot in a great neighborhood. Near a new all-inclusive playground.

We have loved the quiet neighborhood and great ward. We will really miss all the awesome friends we have made.  But we look forward to what's lies ahead.


Ofelia Bertrand said...

You have a beautiful house! Any prospective buyers yet? I know waiting for one could be likened to waiting for true love to come, but you can have a real estate agent to act as your cupid, and give you a list of potential buyers for a commission.

Ofelia Bertrand

Cami Jo said...

How exciting! And congrats on the new baby boy!!! I am cracking up about Anton announcing it over the pulpit. That's classic. Good luck with the house! You do have a very cute home! It should sell quickly with all the work you put into it!

ashlee said...

Your house looks so great. Keep us all posted.

Sabbir Ahmed said...

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