Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Simple Life

This is my nephew, Wyatt really devouring some corn-on-the-cob. I've never seen anyone love a vegetable so much. He closed his eyes and enjoyed every bite. It made me think about enjoying the simple things in life. We always been taught to be more like children: teachable, forgiving, kind, humble. I think one more thing to add to that list would be enjoying little things.

Anton and I went on a YW retreat to Island Park with the girls in our ward this weekend. We had a blast! We laughed till we couldn't stop! But I really missed Isie. She had been staying with her Grandma Nelson in Preston and they met us halfway between there and Poky when we got back. I was so excited to hear her little voice and see her smile. She really brightens my day. As soon as we got home she let me hold her on my lap (which is rare) and she said, "I missed you, Mommy." I don't think there is anything that beats holding my little daughter in my arms. Just a simple act, but it means the world.


Matt and Emily said...

Hey Sydney! It's fun to see pictures of you & your cute family. You too look good. I would love to get together! And that's so sweet what your Isie did when you got home from Island Park. My Owen doesn't let me cuddle him to much anymore either so I love it when he does let me.

Gage said...

Hey Sydney, it was so good to hear from you. Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. Of course we remember you. Your blog is super cute and so is your daughter. My boys are driving me crazy today...but oh well. Keep in touch.
Krista (and Ryan) Gage

Anonymous said...

Syd Face!
Thanks for commenting and saying hi. I love to hear from people and especially those I haven't chatted with in forever. I loved looking at your blog. Your family is super cute and you seem so happy. I saw Megan in Lowes the other day and asked her about ya. We really should get everybody together soon. I bet you love serving in Young Womens. Keep in touch. ~Callie

Cami Jo said...

Thanks for driving with us up to Island Park! I had so much fun with you guys!

I agree though, it's the best to just get home and see the kids again. Nothing makes me happier.

Cami Jo said...

okay- so Melonie Harris came walking with Lisa and I this morning, and she said that her house sold. Anybody you know???