Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Isie had to get her some gurgles today. She wore them all over town. We went to the pet store and looked at the fish. I was a little nervous she was thinking about a trial run in the tanks, but we got lucky and she stayed dry!
Isie just finished swimming lessons at the Community Rec Center. She loved it! She is a little fish.
This is her literally jumping for joy while she waited for her class to start. She was so excited and giggly every day.
She developed her first crush on this little boy, Roan. He was a cutie and they showed off for each other before class. I thought it was pretty cute, but I don't think her daddy was feeling the same. He's going to have a hard time when she is a teenager!

This was the funnest part of swimming lessons! Gurgles! - or Goggles to the rest of the world, but Isie's pretty sure they are called gurgles. And now she has her own.


Spicer said...

It's so good that she likes the water. It took Kallon a while to get used to it. I love the funny names that kids come up with for things. I think gurgles is one of the best ones I've heard!

JJWakeFam said...

Her first crush how cute! Kaden just had his first one... it was Shawn Johnson the Olympic gymnast. He wants to know where she lives... so funny.

ANDREA said...

oh my gosh!!!!!! SYD!! you just made my whole lifetime by commenting on my blog. I think about you alot!!! How are you!??! Well you look like youre doing good- i cant believe how great it is to hear from you- seriously..it just made my day. Your little girl is soooooooooo beautiful! Hope youre doing good. Brad and I live in orem if youre ever down here. until then...we can be BLOG FRIENDS!! YAY