Thursday, July 31, 2008


My family and I went to my Grandpa's cabin up by Yellowstone! It was great. Isie got to play with her cousins, Wyatt and Gracie! They are all pretty close in age.

We piled eleven of us on three four-wheelers and drove into Sheepfalls and fished. It was Isie's first time and I forgot bug spray; needless to say, she got eaten alive. And you can see by this picture that she wasn't covered very well.
This is the top of the falls behind us. It was treacherous looking, but beautiful.
And my dad tried to teach me the graceful art of fly fishing. Unfortunately, I wasn't so graceful. I wasn't quick enough to catch a fish when it nibbled, but I was great at catching myself. My dad had to cut the hook out of my shorts, sadly more than once. It was still great fun though. I think a few more times watching "A River Runs Through It" might seal the skills.


JJWakeFam said...

Sorry again about Kaden's mess! Glad we got there in time. Good for you for fly fishing. I'm afraid I'd catch myself somewhere worse than my shorts!

Lana Knapp said...

Those are some fun pictures. I haven't been to Yellowstone for a long time. We went fishing on the Cub River..