Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ode to Meg-A-Babe

The "Gwens"

I'm missing my sister, Megan. I'm seven years older than her, but we've always been close. Even when I was in high school, she tagged along and my friends loved her. We had a "sister night" once a week. We shared a room all growing up and she often slept in my bed with me and tickled my back. She was sad when I moved out, and came and stayed with me all the time when I was at school. And she still does. It gives me hope that Isie will still be close with siblings even though they will be far apart in age. We used to make music videos, or video-tape make-overs, or whatever. We had tons of fun. This is a picture of a night we felt like breaking out the old video camera and making a sweet music video to Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape", which was Isie's favorite song at the time. It was more recent than I should admit, but it was a blast!
This is us at a bowling alley on my last birthday. I look really creepy in the picture (I've shamed Anton by putting it on), but Meg looks cute so, since I love her, I thought I'd throw it on.
This is a picture of her before she started shaving her pits! Just kidding. We stuffed doll hair in her shirt and took a pic. I keep it to use it as black mail. She's not embarrassed easily though!

Megan is a spunky ball of fire! I've always, sadly, been told I'm "mature" for my age, but Megan makes me feel young! I act like a "goober nugget", as Anton - and now Isie cause HE TAUGHT HER- would call me, but it's fun. She can understand what I am saying even when I'm laughing so hard that it's unintelligible and no one else has a clue. I love my sis.


Spicer said...

Sisters are wonderful! Its like a built in friend forever. I miss my sister already. I'm glad to hear that Cory isn't the only father teaching his child those kinds of words. Although it is pretty funny when Kallon says them!:)

amber-girl said...

It is fun to see that you guys can have fun no matter what age you are! Izie will really cherish those moments with you as she gets older! I think every mom needs to be a goober...whatcha-ma-call-it...sometimes! Maybe it'll decrease wrinkles and fine lines as we grow older, eh? :)
Russ is really busy in school, but REALLY is enjoying it here much more than he ever enjoyed school at ISU...that is if someone can really ENJOY school! It is a nice change! It feels good to have so many of you guys rooting for us and hoping the best. Thanks! I feel like we left so many good friends behind! At least we have blogging! lol!!

Lana Knapp said...

I love your pictures. Sorry to hear about Anton's hand. We hope he is doing better.

Cami Jo said...

Great pictures! I loved the arm pit hair one! Is that sick of me, or what?!

Um.. I'd also really like to watch that music video.

You guys sound like you have tons of fun together. Sometimes I really wish I had a sister!