Monday, September 29, 2008

Open a Can...of Peaches!

I canned for the first time EVER. My grandma, LaRane Kunz, is the expert! We went to visit and learn the process. She has is down to a science. It's pretty amazing really. I guess after seventy years you learn a few tricks. Isie got to help too. She put the peaches in the jars.
Grandma even let me have an apron that my great-grandma made. She used to make them and sell them for a little extra money.

Isie loves Grandma and Grandpa Kunz. She actually took the last three pictures on this blog, that's why they all kinda look like they are looking down a well. This is my grandma. She is pretty cute, huh? She is amazing and knows everything. For real. This is my Grandpa. He is always laughing and always looks ready to go golfing. He is such a good example of enjoying life. He has been deaf since he was a baby, but learned to talk and read lips. People always think he is from England cause of his "accent". My grandma has macular degeneration really bad and is going blind. It's incredible how positive and active they are. They really haven't let it slow them down.
Anton couldn't do much with his broken hand, but he was there for moral support. We canned a lot of peaches and I had to carry the five hundred pound box out to the car, but he was there to cheer me on. We'll both be glad when he is healed. He has a splint that he has to wear for another week, but he thinks it's funny to take it off and wiggle his broken thumb, cause it makes me light-headed. Haha! I'm a wimp!
We sure had fun. It's always nice to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Everything always seems calm and peaceful. You kind of forget about all of life's little stresses buzzing around.


Matt and Emily said...

That looks like fun. Your grandparents look so great. We were going to bottle peaches but we started late and ended up just freezing a bunch instead- they are still sooooo yummy! And your glasses are super cute.

Erica Bazil said...

Congratulations on your canning. That's awesome you got to spend some quality time with your grandma too.
I canned some peaches last week - it was my first time too. I guess it's something you figure is too hard to tackle until you actually do it and realize "that's not too hard - I can do this!" I also made and canned some salsa - thanks to our new friends up here who have shared their talents. Maybe next year I'll try in on my own - yikes!

Hill Fam said...

You are amazing! I keep saying every summer that this will be the year I learn to can. 2 years ago I was so "serious" about it that I even asked Brandon's Grandma for a bunch of jam recipes. The recipes have still never been tried. Oh well. Maybe next year right? It's good to see you guys. I hope that I can meet Isie sometime. We go to Utah to visit Brandon's extended family every other summer. Hopefully we'll get to see you soon! I miss you so much!!

Just last week my in laws accidentally left Chicken steaming for half of the night. As my mother-in-law described the smell I got to relive our infamous chicken fire. She got a kick our of hearing how our apt. smelled like a cheap motel after that, do you remember?