Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quirks or O.C.D.?

So, I was tagged with a Quirky Tag. Name six quirky things about myself. I thought it sounded easy, but it's kinda hard and sounds more like I have O.C.D.

I asked Isie and Anton if I did anything quirky so I'll name theirs first.

1. Isie said, "Yes Mom! Your quirk is that you are a Goober!" Thanks, Uncle Cory. We spell "Goober" "C-O-R-Y". I guess sometimes it's true. I get goobery when I'm really tired, really happy, or with my little sister.

2. Anton thinks, and it may be true, that I have an incapacitating fear of public restrooms or other people's bathrooms. I would rather go into kidney failure or just explode than go in a restroom. Anton swears "Everybody Poops", but not everybody knows I do. So it's a small accomplishment when I actually do use a public restroom. Yikes! As Michael Scott would say, "TMI, Too Much Information". oh well.

3. I love Milky Ways. I don't know what's my favorite: the rich chocolate, the creamy caramel, the smooth nouggat, or maybe the decadent way it dances in your mouth. I just don't know. It's love at first bite. My breathing slows and my vision blurs. It's like a drug. Mmmmm-mmmm! That's why my bellybutton is getting so deep. Milky Way and me: an unhealthy, obsessive relationship. kinda like vampires and humans. Quirky? Maybe not.

4. And apparently I swallow really loud. Anton says it's that sound milk makes if you pour the whole gallon out at once, yeah, that's what it sounds like when I swallow! My mom used to tell me when I'd go on dates, "I hope you didn't swallow like that! It's not very ladylike". I have to think really hard about not swallowing loud, and usually I feel like I'm going to choke.

5. I have to rub my feet together before I go to sleep. It's really weird I know. When they are dry, I sound like a grasshopper.

6. And lastly, my husband is just one big dork, I mean quirk. But one of my favorite things he does is really cute. When he thinks he is being really funny, one of his eyebrows goes up and down inhumanly fast. It's usually when he is making a really dumb joke too, but you can't help but laugh cause his face says he thinks he is really funny. He has a huge smile, so it's super cute.

Okay, so now I am going to tag K'Lyn Thomas, Erica Bazil, Emily Huff, and Callie Kunz.


Kunz Clan said...

So I will think about doing that quirky tag thing. We'll see. You are so cute, clever and funny. Hey I wondered if somehow your Grandma was related to my hubby's side of the family. Maybe distant somewhere along the line. Where does she live? Anyhow, chat with ya later.

Erica Bazil said...

We are coming into Pocatello about 10:30 am on Monday (the 13th) and were hoping to meet up with Cami and her kids and you guys for a little play date at the old stomping grounds (Mckinley Manor). Cami suggested going to the mall playground if it's too cold. Unfortunatelya lunch date won't work - we're going to meet Ty's parents for lunch instead. I know rude huh - maybe next time.)Let us know if this will work out. We'll call before we come into town. It would be so good to see you.

JJWakeFam said...

Hey thanks for playing! i love reading these things about other people. Jesse would not be able to eat by you! He shuns loud swallowers!