Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extreme Sports

Lesson 1: Hypothermia

The heater at the pool where Isie takes swim lessons is broken and she has been freezing. They finally got it fixed though. Thank goodness. All the kids were blue!


Lori Harris said...

That is horrible!!! Poor kids swimming in cold water with blue lips. Hopefully it is fixed for good soon.

Jess and Jen said...

I wish I looked that small when I was seven months along! You are tiny! I loved Issie's face in that picture by the way! I am with you on the spider thing, first one I see I call bugnappers (which I think has the best price by the way!)

Erica Bazil said...

Poor Isie! Does she like to swim - I'm sure she's great at it! How are you guys? We'd love to get together sometime - we'll just have to figure out when we're making another not-too-crazy-busy trip. I'd love to see you pregnant too - I'll bet your little tummy is so cute! Hope all is well. Talk to you later!

taggdarci said...

I'm so glad we can keep in touch!! Yay for blogs and facebook, right? Isie is adorable! Congrats too, our baby will be one in September. It goes by so fast! Are you in Pocatello? We're in Rigby, so we should do lunch sometime!

amber-girl said...

Hey...if you get this in time...we are having anna and Carter's birthday party in Pocatello on Friday the 24th in Russ's parents backyard.

We are doing a "camp-out" with tent, pinata, roasting hot dogs, smores, and lots of games! I invited Cami too, so if you can come, it would be so fun for the kids...and us to talk some more!!

My cell is 220-2691 or email is

In the meantime, I will try and find phone numbers and give you a call if I find yours! Haha!