Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Isie's 8th Birthday!

Isie turned 8 on the 21st. We decided it was kind of a biggie so we let her have a birthday party with friends. She had a Tea Party themed birthday. It's was lots of fun. She got a Kindle for her birthday. She's a little bookworm so she was super excited!

While she was reading, I set up:

We had a craft station where they made derby hats out of paper plates and bowls:

After they got all dressed up in their party favor garb (Isie and I sewed little bags filled with gloves, necklaces, boas, fans, and lipgloss):

They hopped in our home made photo booth: 

And struck a pose:

Or two:

Then they had some tasty treats:

And it was tea time. Or actually, slush-in-tea-cups time:

 Emie did some of this:

And Anton did some of this:

And then Emie saw Anton doing that so she did some of this too:
They played some Victorian Parlor Games and then opened presents:

They had a bawl:

Emie was sure it was her birthday too so I guess we killed two birds with one stone:

HaHa! That'd be sweet. But she did tell me it was her "Birfday" and she "needed a new jump rope". We thought we could handle that and it put a big grin on her face:

 I can't believe my Mo is 8 years-old! She gets baptized this coming Saturday. We are so proud of the wonderful person she is. We love her very much. Happy Birthday!


Megan Heiner said...

Holy cow Sydney, you're amazing. The party looked SO cute! You did a wondeful job and I bet the girls loved it, I was a little jealous I wasn't there drinking "tea" and dressing up ;)..you're an amazing mother! I can only pray that someday I can be as good of a mother as you, and as talented. I can't believe mo is 8!!! It made me tear up a little! Love you!

Cami Jo said...

So cute!I bet she had a blast.

amber-girl said...

What an awesome birthday party!!! Such a cute, cute idea!!! I need all the "how-to's" so I can give Anna a tea party for her birthday!!! I might be hunting you down soon! And I just can't get over how stinking adorable your girls are!! seriously.....so adorable!!!!

And I LOVE your family pictures on your last post! You look amazing!!!!